February 6, 2009

Magic Force Field for Fleas

Capstar administered everyother day seemingly blocks flea spit.

Flea allergy dermatitis can be blocked by the everyother day capstar.

This is especially useful to diagnose any cat with skin disease since most are
flea allergic AND most have no obvious fleas.

Additionally, in dogs, if the owner is in FLEANIAL, the Capstar qod can
result in dramatic - OBVIOUS - improvement.

I use Capstar to diagnose flea allergy dermatitis in all dogs with lumbar dermatitis and all cat with skin disease; especially if I can't find fleas.

Other flea adulticides require ALL pets to be treated and take months to reduce the flea population enough to improve the flea allergic patient.
The Capstar protects the individual animal enough to make an obvious diagnosis.